vivo x5 proVivo is a company not many might have heard of, but they were probably the first smartphone maker to arrive onto the market with a QHD display in the Vivo Xplay 3S, a pretty impressive accomplishment that beat many mainstream OEMs to the punch. The company is working on a new phone dubbed the Vivo X5 Pro and in the latest tease, appears to be promising what looks like a retina scanner.


Now there are many different forms of security for phones. There is your usual passcode locks and pattern locks, although fingerprint scans appear to be more common these days too, but it looks like Vivo wants to introduce a retina scanner which as the name suggests, will scan your eyes before it unlocks your device.

This supposedly makes it more secure than fingerprint scanning as there are more recognition points in your eye and also makes it harder to copy, although we suppose if someone really wanted to break into your phone, there’s no stopping them from holding you down and forcing your eyes open, but hey at least you might not have to lose a thumb or finger in the process, right?

Previously the company had also teased a 32MP front-facing camera which we speculated might employ the same technology as Nokia where the actual sensor isn’t that big, but instead it relies on the image processing software to upscale it without losing too many details. The Vivo X5 Pro is expected for an early May announcement.

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