xbox360-2tbIt was in March this year, when the Preview Program was announced that will see an expansion made to the Xbox 360 so that it will work in pretty much the say manner as that of the Xbox One Preview Program. Basically, selected members will have to sign-up straight from their Xbox 360 consoles and the moment they are registered, they will gain the chance to install system updates as well as experience the new or improved features before they release it to the general masses. As for one of the major features that have seen a high number of requests compared to other features would be support for larger external storage for the Xbox 360.


I suppose all of that “lobbying” has paid off, since the upcoming update for Xbox 360 Preview Program members will then pave the way for the use of 2TB hard drives in order to stash away Xbox 360 data. Should you not be part of the Preview program, you will be able to obtain such functionality later in the year as time progresses.

Not only that, space will no longer be reserved in advance on one’s hard drive. Case in point, assuming you happen to be making use of 16GB of hard drive space for games, only 16GB of space will be taken. In the same way as that of today, one will be able to make use of a pair of external drives simultaneously. Do take note that certain drives could experience incompatibility or have performance issues. [Press Release]

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