56Megapixel-700x496The Sony A7rII is a camera that we have been hearing about for a while now. In fact according to a recent WikiLeaks entry, the camera is rumored for an announced in April, May, or June. Now the specs of the camera remain a bit of a mystery at this point in time, but it seems that if the recent “leak” is to be believed, the Sony A7rII could pack a very large sensor.

Zeiss recently posted a photo onto its Flickr account. According to the company, the camera used to take the photo is that of the Sony A7r and used a Batis 85mm lens. However according to users who downloaded the photo to take a closer look, there were several things that were a bit off.

According to their findings, the camera’s full resolution is that of 8910×6300 which is of the 56MP variety. However as Sony Alpha Rumors note, the photo is not take in the 3:2 ratio suggesting that it might have been further cropped and that its full resolution could be that of a 59MP sensor. The photo also has had the camera name removed from the EXIF data which is strange, especially if Zeiss had already confirmed they used the Sony A7r.

There are some probabilities and one of them is that Zeiss blew the photo up beyond its regular resolution, although this does not make sense and for them to do so, they did a pretty good job as the photo is incredibly sharp. It is also possible that they used the A7rII and removed the name from the EXIF data to better obscure it until Sony is ready for an announcement.

In any case a 56/59MP sensor is massive and we’re not sure if that’s really necessary, but in any case we’ll try not to speculate too much for now, but do check back with us in the future for more info.

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