adblock plusDon’t like seeing ads on your computer? Thankfully there are extensions such as Adblock that will help prevent those ads from showing, but unfortunately if you are on your mobile device, you’re out of luck unless you’re willing to root your phone. However if you’d rather not do that, you’re in luck as the folks behind the Adblock extension have launched a new Android browser.


Dubbed Adblock Browser, as its name suggests this is a browser for Android devices that will help block ads from being displayed within the browser itself. However we should point out that this is a browser as opposed to an extension or a tool, meaning that if you’re a huge fan of using browsers like Chrome, you’ll have to give that up in favor of this.

According to the developers, the browser will feature automatic adblocking right out of the box. They claim that using their browser can also go towards saving battery life since ads will not be displayed, meaning there’s one less thing to drain your battery while browsing. They are also promising safer browsing as one of its features. At the moment the browser is in beta form so if you want to get your hands on it, you’d have to join a Google+ group to participate in it.

We suppose for users of third-party browsers like Chrome or Opera this isn’t exactly ideal, but considering that Google stated that extension support for Chrome mobile isn’t arriving anytime soon, this will have to do.

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