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Adblock Plus Calls Facebook Decision To Bypass Ad Blockers 'Anti-User'
Facebook makes the bulk of its revenues by serving advertisements to its billion-plus users. A significant chunk of those ads are served on mobile but the company has been feeling the pinch from desktop users who ad blockers enabled to have an ad-free Facebook experience. Facebook has announced that it has made changes to the way ads are served on the desktop version of the site and they will now […]

AdBlock And AdBlock Plus For Microsoft Edge Now Available
Ad blockers are some of the most widely used extensions for web browsers with AdBlock and AdBlock Plus being among the most popular ad blockers available for a variety of web browsers. Microsoft Edge lacked support for extensions when it came out about a year ago and the company recently opened up extensions for developers, which is why AdBlock and AdBlock Plus for Microsoft Edge are now available.

AdBlock Plus Wants You To Pay Publishers of Sites You Visit The Most
The idea of blocking ads on websites is a bit contentious. Some argue that some ads are intrusive and hinder the experience, but since it would be hard to block ads on a per-ad basis, blanketing all ads seems to be a solution. Some argue that it is wrong as it takes away money/revenue from publishers who rely on these ads.

ASUS Will Integrate AdBlock Into Their Native Web Browser
The debate surrounding blocking ads on website is still ongoing, one which we foresee won’t be coming to an end anytime soon. Websites, such as ours, rely heavily on ads to generate revenue. However the argument is that some ads are annoying and disruptive, but since it would be impossible to block specific ads, it’s easier to just blank block them all.Now if you are for the idea of ad […]


Yahoo Locking Some Users Out Of Email Accounts If They Use Ad Blockers
The rampant use of ad blockers has got publishers worried and companies that are in the business of serving ads are also quite concerned. Yahoo appears to have dealt the first blow in this fight against ad blockers, several reports indicate that the company is locking out some users from their email accounts if they are using ad blockers. It’s only when they turn it off that they can access […]

Adblock Plus Browser For iOS Released
A new mobile browser has been released by the team behind popular ad-blocking extension Adblock Plus, they had previously launched the Adblock Browser on Android in beta a few months back and now for the first time this browser has made its way to iOS. As the name suggests the first and foremost aim of this browser is to block advertisements served on websites so that users have an ad-free online […]

Google Chrome Is Apparently Bypassing Adblock
Many AdBlock Plus users have taken to Twitter today because it seems that Google has neutralised the popular ad-blocking extension. The extension was created back in 2006 and it allows users to block ads on the internet, which happen to be very crucial to an online publisher’s survival. AdBlock Plus is even capable of blocking ads served on YouTube but gauging from the reactions on Twitter it appears that Chrome is […]

Ad Blocking Grows By 41%, Costs Publishers Billions of Dollars
Ads depending on how they’re served vary in how annoying they are. The ones that side by the side that don’t bother you are fine, but we’re sure many can agree that the popups that are in your face are the worst. In fact it wouldn’t come as a surprise if many of you guys have installed ad blockers to prevent such ads from showing.That being said, it seems that […]

Google’s Larry Page Not Opposed To Ad Blocking Software
If there’s one thing to love about Google, it is the fact that they provide the majority of their products and services for free. Free email, free access to productivity software, free cloud storage (to a certain extent), free mobile operating system in the form of Android, free search, and so on.However Google has to make money and that money mostly comes from ads, something Google is very known for. […]

Adblock Browser Beta Launched For Android Devices
Don’t like seeing ads on your computer? Thankfully there are extensions such as Adblock that will help prevent those ads from showing, but unfortunately if you are on your mobile device, you’re out of luck unless you’re willing to root your phone. However if you’d rather not do that, you’re in luck as the folks behind the Adblock extension have launched a new Android browser.Dubbed Adblock Browser, as its name […]

Popular Torrent Website Blocks Users Who Use AdBlock
In what seems like a somewhat ironic twist, popular torrent website Demonoid has reportedly begun to block users from accessing its website if it detects that the user has AdBlock installed. For those unfamiliar, AdBlock is a browser plugin that basically prevents ads from displaying across all websites and services.However like we said it is a bit ironic especially when you consider that Demonoid is a torrent website that deals […]

German Court Rules That Using Ad-Blocking Software Is Legal
It has been asked many times in the past if using ad-blocking software such as AdBlock is constituted as stealing. After all you’re basically preventing ads from being displayed, which in the case of most websites acts as their main source of revenue. It’s like getting onto the bus without paying your fare.That being said for those who are in favor of ad-blocking software, you might be pleased to learn […]