When we see the kind of future technology shown in the world of Star Trek and Star Wars, it is jaw dropping to say the least, as we are well far away from such levels of achievement in the medical field at this point in time. Well, baby steps will need to be taken regardless of where one is, and an Icelandic company intends to assist amputees when it comes to stepping out, literally, by offering a spanking new brain-powered bionic foot.


Ossur, which is headquartered in Reykjavik, has just revealed its advanced version of the Proprio Foot. Subjects have been testing out this bionic foot in secret for more than a year, and it seems that this particular invention has just broken cover, and Ossur intends to bring it to a larger scale of test subjects with more trials. The Proprio Foot which tips the scales at 3.14 lbs happens to be the only bionic leg in the market that is brain-controlled.

To use such technology, one will need to go under the knife first, where an extremely small implant that comes equipped with myoelectric sensors designed by Ossur will be placed inside the brain. This procedure takes 15 minutes, and its inventors claim that the surgery is an easy one to perform. Such sensory technology will then allow the brain to control the bionic part, and the ultimate goal would be to replace the function of the lost limb.

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