Chocolate-recipe-match-2Browse Instagram long enough and you’re bound to come across many food photos. Some of these photos are extremely well-photographed and if you’re on a diet, let’s just say that it becomes quite a challenge to not be hungry and go grab yourself a snack. That being said if you’ve always wanted to make those delicious-looking food you see on Instagram but don’t know how, you’ll be pleased to learn that there’s an app for that.

Called Handpick, this is a discovery app that has been in the market for a couple of years, since 2013 to be exact. However in a recent update to the app, what they’ve done is that they’re taking food from Instagram and coming up with recipes for them. Given how many photos are posted onto Instagram, Handpick has essentially transformed itself into a sizable recipe book.

According to the company’s CEO Payman Nejati, “Instagram is effectively a database of over 1 billion food posts. We started analyzing that data through the public API and using computer vision, we know whether a post is about food. We then look at the caption and use that information to match recipes to social media posts.”

Prior to this, Handpick’s goal was to reduce food wastage by making ingredients in food simpler and basing it on what most people would commonly have in their kitchen, as opposed to having to run out and buy a particular ingredient only to use it once. The app is free for download and you guys can go ahead and take it for a spin on iOS or Android.

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