The HTC One Mini 2 is merely a year old and yet the company has decided to not update it to Lollipop. Usually OEMs tend to support their devices for two years which is why it was surprising to see HTC throw in the towel so soon as far as the One Mini 2 is concerned. This meant that owners of the original HTC One Mini couldn’t see much hope for a taste of Lollipop, and that has now been confirmed.

HTC has confirmed that at this time it has no plans to release the HTC One Mini Lollipop update. The news was revealed through HTC’s official account on Twitter.

The original One Mini was released after HTC’s flagship device for 2013, the HTC One (M7), arrived. It sits right within that two year window and HTC did previously promise that it will support these devices for at least two years.

The company has clearly gone back on its word, and while one might be able to understand why HTC isn’t working on the update for the original One Mini, it seems like those who bought the One Mini 2 just got the shorter end of the stick.

It’s possible that HTC might change its mind down the line and cook up Lollipop for either of these two devices, but for now HTC has made it clear that folks who own these devices shouldn’t keep their fingers crossed for an Android 5.0 update.

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