When we are faced with a foreign company that has more or less established itself outside of the home country, there are several things to take into consideration as well, and one of them would obviously be the pronunciation of the name, especially if it is worded in a way where it is not so straightforward. Having said that, the YouTube video above is pretty interesting, as Huawei’s School of Pronunciation hopes to aid you in your learning on how to say the manufacturer’s name.


Pronunciation coach Gordon Friend who hails from the “Future Facing Association of Pundits” (or FFAPS) intends to depict how one can accurately and correctly say the names of several soccer football players, while making use of a fair number of odd tools (Cher included) as part of his methodology in imparting such knowledge. The only sponsor’s name to emerge from this class would be Huawei, where under the company logo, the phonetic spelling for the brand, Wah-Way, is revealed.

This particular video can be said to target those who happen to live in Europe more than folks Stateside, especially since football (or as the Americans call it, soccer) is a whole lot bigger there than here in the US. Hopefully there will be a localized version here in the US, as Huawei has come up with some pretty decent releases to date like the Huawei Mate 7.

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