instagramIf you follow a lot of people on Instagram, sometimes your feed can feel like it is never-ending as you scroll through what seems like hundreds of photos. Sometimes this can be a bit tedious which in turn might put you off from using the service. However it looks like Instagram does not want to lose its users and according to a recent post by TechCrunch, the social network is hoping to condense the information for you.

How this is done is by sending out emails to its users in the form of “Highlights”, kind of like how Twitter reminds you of tweets you might have missed. In the case of Instagram, the Highlights email will basically show you the best posts from some of the people you follow, which they’re hoping would reignite your interest in the social network again.

Alternatively it could also serve to show photos that people might be interested in since like we said, following too many people could also mean that there are times when you could miss out on a post from someone. In any case hopefully these Highlights will help users cut through the mass of information they are getting.

Instagram has since confirmed to TechCrunch that this is the first type of promotional email they are sending out. We reckon that there might be several users who will be annoyed at receiving these types of emails, especially since they didn’t exactly sign up for it either, but as TechCrunch notes there is an unsubscribe button that users can click if they wish to stop receiving these emails.

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