ios9-homeIt looks like employees of Apple have started to test versions of iOS 9, and among the apps there that have been made available, they include one that is called Home. Just what does Home do? For instance, it will enable a user to be able to set up new smart home products, before sending them to various groups which will represent the different rooms in your home. You can also connect these groups to an Apple TV, and hunt down whatever new products that you would like to purchase. In a nutshell, the Home app looks pretty much meant for setup purposes, and it is not probably meant to control your home.

On the other hand, one should not rule out the possibility that Home happens to be an internal testing app which will never see the light of day. 9to5Mac claims, however, that Home is a “series of screens” which would enable folks to look for new smart home apps and products, which means it might eventually end up in the hands of the masses. So far, Apple has remained mum on Home, which is pretty much what they do for just about any upcoming device or product. All that we can do now is to sit tight and wait.

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