Shopping for new laptops for school or maybe for work? Well if you are, you might be interested to learn that Lenovo has recently announced the Lenovo Z41 and Z51 consumer laptops. These laptops pack some pretty decent specs and are priced rather decently too, so if you’re not looking for anything out of this world, perhaps they might be worth your consideration.


Now for the most part, the Z41 and Z51 laptops will feature similar hardware specs. The main difference is really its size, weight, display, and choice of GPU. The Z41 is a 14-inch laptop while the Z51 is a 15-inch laptop, but both will sport Full HD 1080p resolutions, so in theory the Z41 should be sharper.

The Z41 will come with GPU options that allows users to choose up to an AMD R7-M360, while the Z51 will allow users to choose an AMD R9-M375. Other than that, both laptops will be powered by Intel processors that they can configure up to an Core i7, up to 16GB of DDR3L RAM, up to 1TB of HDD or SSD storage, and will come with the usual WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity options.

Users can also configure the laptops to sport 2.5W JBL stereo speakers if that’s what they’re after. Both laptops will be available in June with the Z41 priced starting at $499 while the Z51 with an optional Intel RealSense 3D camera will be priced starting at $599.

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