A few weeks Twitter launched a revamped quoted tweets feature which lets users retweet any tweet and add in their pearls of wisdom, as long as they’re limited to 140 characters. While Twitter’s official applications have been updated to properly display quoted tweets some third party apps are still struggling and this is resulting into a bad user experience. Soon the third party apps will be able to show quoted tweets properly.

Twitter users are always cramped for space. 140 characters never seem enough when you’re trying to remark on someone else’s tweet.

Previously quoted tweets would count against the 140 character limit so users would only be left with very few characters to say what they wanted to say. Twitter fixed this by providing users with the full character limit while also including the quoted tweet.

The change has since been widely noticed across Twitter on the web and it’s official applications, but things haven’t been the same for third party clients, which many users rely upon instead of the official apps.

Twitter has revealed that it’s making changes to its API to allow third party applications to properly displayed quoted tweets. That’s all the API update is going to do, but it will certainly result in a much better user experience for people who would rather not use Twitter’s official applications.

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