While there are some photographers who have over the years learnt how to position their food properly and angle it nicely so that it looks good on Instagram, unfortunately the reverse is true where some users just snap photos without thinking about the food or what it looks like. However if you’re looking to take your Instagram game to the next level, this restaurant can help you with that.


The restaurant is based in Tel Aviv and is dubbed Catit. They have teamed up with Carmel Winery and have created plates which supposedly helps make food look more interesting and photographable for social media websites such as Instagram. For example some of the plates have raised backs that helps provide a solid background for your photo to help eliminate distraction, kind of like what you might expect from devices like light boxes. It even has special holders for your phones.

There are some plates while can spin to help users find the right angle, although honestly this just seems a tad lazy as you could always move around the table or turn the plate yourself, but hey, all in the name of photography, right? The restaurant will also play host to food photographer Dan Perez where workshops will be held on how to take better photos of your food.

The event will run through June and it does not come cheap. If you’d like to attend the workshop and enjoy a meal, it is priced at a whopping $155 an hour. Ouch.

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