nexus-9-review-7The Google Nexus 9 tablet was released last year and it basically introduced a new form factor to the Nexus tablet lineup which includes 7-inch and 10-inch options. So in 2015, what can we expect from Google on the Nexus tablet front? A larger tablet? Refreshed specs? Well as it turns out, neither.

This is according to a report from Android Police who has heard from their sources that there is no new Nexus tablet planned for 2015. What this means is that for those looking to get their hands on a Nexus tablet, it seems that the Nexus 9 will still be your best bet as no new device is in the works, so the Nexus 9 will remain Google’s flagship tablet for the year.

Of course Google’s plans could change and given that this is a rumor, it’s hard to say if it is even true to begin with, although Android Police’s history has given them a rather good track record so chances are they might be onto something here. In their report Android Police have also confirmed that Google will be releasing two Nexus phones this year.

The devices in question are the LG Angler and the Huawei Bullhead. We have heard reports that LG was looking to introduce a 5.2-inch Nexus and that Huawei would be introducing a larger 5.7-inch model. The exact specs of either handset remain a mystery for now but Huawei’s offering is said to be slightly more powerful with its rumored Snapdragon 810 chipset, versus the LG’s Snapdragon 808.

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