tizenWhen it comes to mobile products, Samsung is probably best known for their Android devices. However in the past couple of years, the South Korean tech giant has turned to alternative operating systems such as Tizen. So far it does not seem like Tizen will be taking over the world just yet, but this does not mean that Samsung will be giving up just yet.

Speaking at SAS 2015 Forum in Seoul, Samsung Electronics Software Center VP Jong-deok Choi reassured attendees that Tizen will not be going anywhere. According to Choi,  “We are preparing for the Internet of Things, and Tizen as ‘The OS of Everything’ will be the core platform.”

Besides being used for smartphones, Samsung has also used Tizen to power their wearables, like the Samsung Gear S and if the rumors are to be believed, Samsung’s upcoming round smartwatch is also expected to be powered by Tizen as well. In fact Samsung’s first and only Android Wear smartwatch, the Gear Live, is no longer listed on Google Play.

In any case like we said, there is more to Tizen than just smartphones, so while Tizen might have a hard time trying to compete against iOS and Android on mobile, it seems that in other areas Tizen might shine, like in connected objects such as smart TVs, fitness bands, home electronics, and more.

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