google logoWhen coming up with new products and services, sometimes a final name has yet to be decided upon, or perhaps it might be easier and more efficient to refer to it by its codename. Sometimes companies have a certain preference with codenames, like naming them after plants, food, animals, the constellation, and etc.

Recently it has been discovered that Google’s internal codename for the Smart Lock Passwords project is called “YOLO”. For those who are familiar with memes, you’re probably rolling your eyes at the YOLO term but in reality, it’s actually a lot more clever than that. For those who don’t know what YOLO means, it stands for “You only live once”.

However in Google’s case, the company has cleverly and hilariously changed it to “You only login once”. Clever, huh? Just as a quick recap on Smart Lock Passwords, basically this is an extension of a feature that Google already had in place. Smart Lock is a Google password manager and with Smart Lock Passwords, Google extended its API to third-party developers and websites.

This allows users to just sign in once on an app or website, save it to Smart Lock, and from there they will be logged into the service/website across their devices. This makes factory resetting your phone easier as well as loading up a new phone as once you sign into your Google account, all your credentials will be applied across your apps meaning that you won’t need to log into them again.

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