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Brightlock: Unlock Your Door with Your Phone Flash
Smart locks are everywhere at CES, but what sets Brightlock apart is how you use your smartphone to unlock: the lock needs to see your phone’s light! Mainly designed for businesses and large corporations, Brightlock offers a hardware, software and cloud solution.The service allows companies to get rid of keys, simplify the access management process, cut costs, and provide better control over the access to their buildings.

Netatmo Unveils A Smart Door Lock That Works With HomeKit
We have seen a lot of different smart lock/unlock systems. However, Netatmo’s first NFC-based smart door lock strikes to be something impressive right after it was unveiled at CES, 2020.Just like you would unlock/lock a door with a traditional lock-key system, it is essentially the same. However, the key acts as an NFC paired tech that will unlock the door.With this, you will end up having a smart door that […]

Master Lock Delivers Bluetooth Smart Padlocks
[CES 2016] It looks like even padlocks themselves are not spared from jumping aboard the “smart” bandwagon, as Master Lock has proved with their latest Bluetooth smart padlocks that will merge security expertise alongside mobile technology, transforming your smartphone or tablet into a key. If you are not the kind to remember the combination for the lock on your locker, or keep on losing keys to a particular lock time […]

August Smart Locks Adds More Peace Of Mind
A man’s home is his castle – and with that expression, it goes without saying that castles themselves should be well defended and secure. After all, that’s what castles are meant to be in the medieval times, right? August Inc. intends to make the modern day castle more secure, by introducing a new home smart lock system. This home smart lock system is known as August Access, where it will […]


Google’s Internal Codename For Smart Lock Is “YOLO”
When coming up with new products and services, sometimes a final name has yet to be decided upon, or perhaps it might be easier and more efficient to refer to it by its codename. Sometimes companies have a certain preference with codenames, like naming them after plants, food, animals, the constellation, and etc.Recently it has been discovered that Google’s internal codename for the Smart Lock Passwords project is called “YOLO”. […]

Google’s Smart Lock API Extended To App Developers And Publishers
When it comes to managing your passwords, there are several services to consider, such as Dashlane which recently became the first password manager for Android to support Android M’s native fingerprint security system. However if you’d rather not resort to third-party apps and services, Google’s Smart Lock Passwords might be worth your consideration.So what is Smart Lock Passwords? For those unaware, it is basically a password manager built into your […]

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock Now Works With The Nest Thermostat
Earlier last year, we reported on a smart lock by Kwikset called the Kevo. Basically this is a smart lock that unlocks your door using Bluetooth technology. The Kevo is definitely not the first of its kind as there are other similar smart locks around at the moment, but for those who love home automation, you might be interested to learn that the Kevo will now work with the Nest […]

August Smartlock Review
With so much connectivity in our homes and mobile devices, I wanted to try using a smart lock to increase the convenience of not having to deal with physical keys, keys handover etc. I looked around, and went to purchase an August Smartlock, which seems to get the job done, without having to sacrifice things that I found to be critical: 1/ I want to be able to fall back […]