Many PlayStation 4 owners were no doubt excited when Sony announced that it had the exclusive release of Ultra Street Fighter IV and its sequel but the launch doesn’t seem to have gone off smoothly. There have been countless reports ever since Ultra Street Fighter IV was released for PS4 that it’s riddled with bugs. We have seen this happen multiple times with new titles and this time around it has happened with USF IV.


Among the complaints that have been made so far are some which say that the game slows down to a halt in the menus and that moves don’t work as they’re supposed do, and when this doesn’t work it defeats the entire purpose of this title.

The most number of reports regarding issues with this title have to deal with input lag which messes up the entire experience for gamers since input lag can simply not be tolerated in a game like Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Capcom is certainly aware of these issues and there’s no doubt in the fact that it will release patches so that these issues are taken care of, but the damage has been done.

It’s becoming common to see new titles come out still riddled with bugs, botched launches are not new anymore and gamers are subjected to a buggy experience just so the release timeline can be met and a possible delay is avoided.

While that’s well and good, it results in criticism being heaped on the likes of Capcom because they’ve provided gamers with a less than stellar experience, and that’s not what you want when you’ve paid for something.

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