I would say that we are so used in this day and age to think of wind turbines as machines that have blades on them, simply because that is how things have always been done. Then comes along Vortex which changes all of our conceptions and thinking on what a wind turbine should look like (and perhaps, the charm of windmills in Holland too, would lose its magic in the future) – by coming in the form factor of a bladeless wind turbine.


Hailing from Spain, the Vortex Bladeless company intends to generate wind energy through what they call the Vortex, which is a bladeless wind turbine that resembles a huge rolled joint. The goal remains pretty much the same as its predecessors, that is, to transform wind into kinetic energy which will subsequently be used as electricity.

Doing so would mean taking advantage of vorticity, which is an aerodynamic effect that results in a pattern of spinning vortices. Vortex Bladeless’s founders, David Suriol, David Yáñez, and Raul Ingeniero, wants to turn this vibrating energy into a positive outcome, hence the Vortex which has been designed to let the spinning wind (vortices) occur at the same time along the whole mast, and this design means one does not have to worry about gears, bolts, or mechanically moving parts. And we know that this means a lower cost of maintenance in the long run, which will hopefully translate to cheaper energy.

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