chinese-internet-users-in-internet-cafeSome folks are just plain addicted when it comes to computer gaming, as we have brought you cases where a Chinese gamer actually spent half a dozen years at an internet cafe, now how about that for “dedication”? This time around, we have another story that would definitely turn heads – apparently, in an internet cafe in Shandong, China, a woman gamer actually gave birth to a daughter, before she went back to play her online game.

Needless to say, shocked onlookers decided to do their bit for the newborn by wrapping her with a piece of cloth in order to keep her warm, and called an ambulance to the scene. The mother had allegedly run away from home after getting into an argument with her family, where she then waited at the internet cafe for her boyfriend.

The new mother was then offered some warm water to clean herself up, but in a surprising move, she declined that act of kindness and crazily enough, resumed playing online. Upon hearing such news, the new mother’s family members as well as boyfriend rushed to the hospital. This is clearly out of the ordinary to say the least, and surely the lady could have been charged with neglect of her newborn?

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