ps4-hrdware-large6In case the 500GB of storage on your Sony PlayStation 4 wasn’t enough for you, you will be pleased to learn that Sony appears to have a 1TB model in the works. This was recently discovered thanks to FCC filings which reveals that Sony has two new PlayStation 4 models in the works.

Now the first model does not appear to be particularly special. It seems that this is an update to the 500GB model and has to do with the innards of the console. Some have speculated it is just Sony replacing some of the internals with lower-cost alternatives in order to achieve a higher margin on sales of the console.

The other model points towards a 1TB PS4 unit. Apart from the larger storage, it does not seem that Sony has made any changes to the console either so don’t expect a new design or upgraded specs as this is very unlikely, but for those who are already struggling with their 500GB console, hopefully this 1TB model will solve your storage issues.

No word on when Sony will make the new 1TB console official, but given that we’re only a couple of weeks away from E3 2015, there is a good chance we could learn more then, so check back with us during the conference for more details.

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