Bing Video Search

Microsoft Bing is making changes in its interface and is gearing up to become an ultimate users choice, especially when it comes to searching music videos. We are living in the century where online music consumption is battling out the views earned by the television and that’s why online video search requires to be improved to suit users.

With few tweaks and interface change, Bing has turned into a destination that would un-clutter the way we search music videos, it is faster and fetches better results than any other search engine. Bing’s video search interface includes video results in the form of thumbnails, which makes it easier for the user to go through. For example — whenever a user searches for a specific artist, on top of the page he will see artist’s picture and below it, will be a list of popular tracks by that artist, along with the video links.

It all means that Bing’s new interface is fully focused to fetch the most related results for the music videos that won’t require the user to scroll through many pages in order to find the desired song. Also, the page lists the popular track by the artist on the top, which again simplifies the search for users. Moreover, users can also watch the video preview right from the thumbnails. All these tweaks are impressive, and are hands down valid to make Bing the default engine for video search, it fetches the results from around the web and it includes YouTube and Google too. In the future, it would be interesting to see if these changes would let Bing make its place amidst the stiff competition.

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