Facebook Doodle Draw

We have been expecting this from long and finally it’s here. Now users can play game on the Facebook Messenger other than just messaging. The first game to debut on the messaging platform is, Doodle Draw, which is an enhanced version of ‘Pictionary’. Doodle Draw is now live and kicking on the messenger application.


The game is about picking a random word from a list provided in the game, then drawing and sharing it with your friends and waiting for them to guess what you’ve drawn. So, it all comes down to drawing and guessing.

To enjoy the game users gotta have the Messenger app installed on their devices. One can find the Doodle Draw in the Messenger’s flooded menu. Facebook launched the Messenger in March as a full-fledged API and apart from including GIFs and Audio earlier, this is the first time that the company has included a full blown game into the app.

Initially Facebook was only focusing on content building, meme generators and GIFs, but with this step we might see the company exploring in the field of gaming as well. With this move, we see Facebook rivaling against other messenger platforms such as Line, Viber and WeChat, although these services have been providing users with games for long.

Although this seems like a good refuge from monotonous chats, but we literally dread the day when our notification box would be flooded with messenger game requests. Seriously, Facebook should not include ‘invitations’ for messenger games or users might find this new feature rather annoying.

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