It was already known that Facebook is working on a dark mode for its popular Messenger app and the company is now available through a simple trick. There’s not a simple toggle that you tap to enable dark mode. Facebook has actually hidden it behind a trick which requires you to moon someone, (but not really.)

The folks at 9to5Mac spotted this trick to enable dark mode in Facebook Messenger. Just send yourself or one of your contacts a crescent moon emoji. After that’s done, a shower of moons will show up in the chat window with a prompt to activate the dark mode in settings. Users can then go to the profile page in the app and there they will find an option to enable dark mode.

It’s possible that the option has been obscured behind this trick because Facebook hasn’t officially rolled it out to all users. Some users have apparently also seen messages informing them that this mode is still a work in progress.

That would explain why there’s not a simple toggle to enable dark mode in Facebook Messenger just yet. We can expect it to surface once Facebook feels that the mode is ready for public consumption. That might be sooner rather than later given that the development work does appear to be quite far along on dark mode.

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