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Facebook Messenger App For Desktop Coming This Year
Facebook Messenger has seen incredible improvement and growth ever since Facebook made the decision to unbundle it from the main app. The functionality has been enhanced considerably over the past few years and the company is now fulfilling a consistent demand from users. It’s going to release a dedicated Facebook Messenger app for the desktop.

Facebook To Discontinue Messenger Payments In The UK And France
Facebook Messenger does allow peer-to-peer payments but that’s no longer going to be possible in two major markets. The company has confirmed that it’s going to discontinue peer-to-peer Messenger payments in the United Kingdom and France later this year. It says that active users will be notified of the change in due course.

Facebook Messenger Could Return To The Main App
Facebook unbundled Messenger from its main social media app and offered it as a standalone app but if a new discovery is anything to go by, it appears that Messenger could return to Facebook proper. This feature is currently being tested and would thus allow users to just use a single app to access both Facebook and its messaging platform.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode Can Be Accessed With A Simple Trick
It was already known that Facebook is working on a dark mode for its popular Messenger app and the company is now available through a simple trick. There’s not a simple toggle that you tap to enable dark mode. Facebook has actually hidden it behind a trick which requires you to moon someone, (but not really.)


Unsend Feature Finally Rolling Out For Facebook Messenger
Once it emerged that Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg had the ability to unsend messages that he sent, a feature that wasn’t available to any other user, the company confirmed that it would develop the same feature for all users in a few months. Leaks revealed that this feature was in development and now it’s finally here. The unsend feature is now rolling out for Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Gets Boomerang And Selfie Mode
Facebook has updated Messenger with new camera features ahead of the holiday season. The standalone Messenger app now has support for looping Boomerang videos. It’s the video looping effect that became very popular on Instagram first and the company is now bringing it to Messenger as well. There’s also another new camera mode and augmented reality stickers.

Facebook Rolling Out Unsend Feature For Messenger
Facebook recently confirmed that it will soon enable users to unsend messages within a specified period of time after they have sent it on Facebook Messenger. Those who have been waiting for this feature to arrive will be delighted to know that Facebook is now rolling out the unsend feature for Messenger. Many users are waiting for this feature since Messenger is one of the most popular cross-platform messaging services […]

Facebook Messenger Unsend Feature Arriving Soon
There are many cross-platform messaging apps that allow you to unsend a message within a set timeframe once you’ve sent it. Facebook Messenger, one of the most widely used messaging apps, will soon receive this feature as well. The company itself has confirmed that the Facebook Messenger unsend feature will be arriving soon.

How To Hide Your Active Status On Facebook Messenger (Android/iOS)
There are always times when one simply wants his or her peace, and constant notifications from social networking apps render such thing impossible. In this tutorial, we are going to be guiding you through the ridiculously easy process of hiding your active status on Facebook’s Messenger app for Android and iOS.Hiding active status on Messenger: Step-by-stepBefore jumping into the few steps that this process entails, let us clarify what hiding […]

Facebook Messenger Unsend Option Possibly Being Developed
There are some chat apps that allow you to unsend a message a few moments after it has been sent. The feature comes in very handy when a message is sent to a person that it’s not intended for as it lets the sender quickly unsend is so that no damage is done. Facebook Messenger is a very popular chat app but it doesn’t offer this feature. That might be […]

Facebook Messenger May Get Voice Control For Calls And Chat
Facebook Messenger for Android’s code reveals that the app may soon let users rely on their voice to dictate and send messages, create reminders, and make voice calls to their contacts. The code highlights a new M assistant button at the top of the message threat screen which when tapped will activate listening for voice commands for these features.

Facebook And Messenger Stories Cross 300 Million Daily Users Combined
Facebook may have ripped off the Stories feature for its products from Snapchat but its users have really embraced it. The Stories feature can be found in its products like the world’s largest social media network, Instagram, and even WhatsApp. The company revealed at a press event today that Stories on Facebook proper and Facebook Messenger now boast more than 300 million daily active users combined.

Facebook Messenger May Add Option To Sync Instagram Account
Facebook Messenger already enables users to add their Instagram account but syncing it isn’t an option right now. A new discovery reveals that Facebook has started testing this feature which will enable Messenger users to sync their Instagram accounts with the cross-platform messaging service. This will help them sync both of their accounts which will replace the basic Instagram Account option in Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Tests Flagging DMs From Fake Accounts
Facebook is taking concrete steps to stop the spread of misinformation on its platform. The company has revealed that it’s testing a new system which will flag the direct messages that a user receives from fake accounts. The feature will provide the user with additional information about DMs from unknown contacts such as whether the account was created recently and what sort of phone number was used to log in.

Facebook Messenger Gets Spanish Translation Support For Messages
Facebook today announced that the built-in artificial intelligence assistant in Messenger is now capable of translating messages from Spanish and English. The feature works the other way around as well so users will be able to get their messages translated from English to Spanish as well inside the app. This feature has gone live for all users in the United States and Mexico starting today.

Facebook Brings Autoplay Video Ads To Messenger
Ads in Facebook Messenger are nothing new, Facebook has long monetized its popular messaging service and now it’s kicking things up a notch in a way that may not sit well with some users. Facebook has reportedly started rolling out autoplay video ads inside Messenger which means that user will now see video ads next to their private messages.

Facebook Messenger Can Send 360-Degree Photos And HD Videos Now
Facebook has released a minor update for Facebook Messenger today which makes the app more useful for sending multimedia content. The app has been updated with support for 360-degree photos and HD videos. Facebook Messenger users can now send 360-degree videos through the ap as well as HD video up to 720p, but there’s a caveat.

How to (Permanently) Delete Facebook Messages
To keep your Facebook inbox tidy, you will have to delete some messages permanently. Maybe the conversation includes some sensitive information which you do not want to be archived/stored. Whatever be the reason, in this article, we will guide you through the steps to permanently delete Facebook messages.

Facebook Messenger Allows Users To Add More People To Ongoing Calls
Facebook’s standalone Messenger service has made it easier for users to add more people to an ongoing voice or video call without having to hang up first. This is certainly going to make life easier for a lot of users who have ever had to go through the entire process of hanging up and then starting a call all over again with new participants.

Facebook Messenger Kids Should Be Shut Down, Say Child Health Advocates
Facebook launched Messenger for Kids last month. It’s a kid-friendly version of the company’s popular Messenger app with pre-approved contacts. Parents set up an account for their kids and they can then use the app to conduct one-on-one or group video chat with approved contacts. Child health advocates haven’t warmed up to the idea and they’re now calling on Facebook to shut down Messenger for Kids.