fallout_4_preorderIt is official: Fallout 4 has been confirmed by Bethesda in a trailer that was released earlier today. Now that the game’s existence has been officially confirmed after the multitude of hoaxes, we’re sure the next question gamers have is when will Fallout 4 be released into the hands of the masses?

Well as it turns out, you might be in luck as Fallout 4 could be released this year. This is according to the folks at IGN who spotted a potential release date on Bethesda’s store in which the game’s release date was written as “TBA 2015”. However it has since been changed to “TBA”.

We’re not sure what this means as it could be the initial listing was merely a placeholder and Bethesda has since removed it for clarification purposes, or it could have been the game’s actual timeline but Bethesda is saving the announcement for E3. However in a statement released to IGN, “We haven’t released a date.”

It should also be noted that according to the store page, it reads, “Ship date subject to change without notice. We will always update this product page with the latest information we have.” That being said, given that gamers have waited for 5 years since the last Fallout game, we suppose waiting an extra few months or a year shouldn’t be too bad – at the very least we now know that the game is real!

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