female link zeldaThe Legend of Zelda’s main character (apart from Zelda) is Link. Link is a guy character that players control as he navigates his way through the game which ultimately ends up with him rescuing the princess. That being said, it has been revealed in the past that the developers had toyed with the idea of a female Link called Linkle but she never made it into any of the games.

However that could change in the upcoming Hyrule Warriors for the Nintendo 3DS. According to a leaked screenshot, it shows a crossbow hidden in the background (see the circled portion above) that has led to many gamers speculating that perhaps in the upcoming game, gamers could choose to play as a female version of Link.

Why is the crossbow so significant? Well in the Hyrule Warriors art book, it showed the character wielding a crossbow and based on the leaked trailer, it seems that it is the exact same crossbow from the artwork, leading players to believe that maybe Linkle could finally be getting her due in the Hyrule Warriors.

Of course this is all speculation for now, but why else would they add the crossbow if they weren’t planning on introducing the character, right? In the meantime for those unfamiliar, Hyrule Warrior is a Zelda game that was originally developed for the Nintendo Wii U but is now making its way onto the Nintendo 3DS.

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