google-underwater-svAs part of its most recent update, Google has unveiled a bevy of 40 new “special Street View” images. In addition to regular images, the new views will take the road less traveled, as you get to swim with humpback whales over in the Cook Islands, not to mention make a dive off the coast of Bali, or how about strolling down the beach in Samoa?

Google’s Street View team stitched together this collection of new images alongside the Catlin Seaview Survey, in addition to the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and the Chagos Conservation Trust. For this particular project, it happens to be a part of Google Earth Outreach, where the humble beginnings kicked off with underwater views three years ago, with Catlin by the side, so as to assist in monitoring the conditions of selected remote – yet breathtaking habitats of the earth.

Onlookers will also be treated to a jaw dropping view of unseen worlds across the 40 new “special Street View” images. Each of these images in Google Maps happens to be a GPS-located digital record of its respective underwater and coastal environments, and they can be used as a baseline in order to monitor change across the passage of time. Definitely worth checking out, these, and perhaps Google might want to call it Wave View instead?

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