hibikiiphone6_pic_003Say you’re looking for a more natural way of improving your iPhone’s audio quality without resorting to using speakers, what can you do? We’ve seen cup-like devices that helps amplify your phone’s speakers but now over in Japan, Simplism has unveiled the Hibiki Acoustic iPhone Case, a case that apparently can enhance your phone’s “acoustical capacity”.

Now color us skeptical because from what we can see, in no shape or form does the case actually interact with the iPhone’s speaker, so we’re not sure how it’s supposed to enhance the acoustics. However its creators believe that through the use of the materials they have chosen and how the case has been designed, the end result will be an improvement.

According to Simplism, “The Hibiki case uses a high-tech material, “PULSHUT MU”, attached to the backside of the case that reduces non-audio signal wave noise. In addition, the use of high-grade white ash wood is ideal for optimum sound quality. Combined with three 3D-shaped supporting points which suppress vibration, there is less distortion and a greater amount of the true sound is emitted.”

We suppose this is something we’ll need to try for ourselves in order to get a better understanding. Unfortunately pricing and availability of the Hibiki case is unknown at the moment, but if you’d like a more detailed explanation of how this works, hit up Simplism’s website for the details.

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