horipad 4 fpsIs the Sony PlayStation 4 the perfect console? Some might argue yes, while others might argue no and that there are some areas that Sony could improve upon. If you’re in the latter camp and you feel that the controller bundled with the console could stand to be improved upon, you might be interested in Hori’s latest offering.


The company has recently unveiled their latest PlayStation 4 controller, which you can see in the image above. If you’re a little confused by its look and are wondering why it looks so familiar, it is because Hori has drawn inspiration from the Xbox controller. With the PS4 controller, both the analog sticks are at the bottom, with the directional pad to the right.

However in Hori’s case, dubbed the HoriPad 4 FPS, they have repositioned some of the controllers with an Xbox-like layout. If you’ve always been a fan of the Xbox’s controller then perhaps this might be good news for you. The controller is actually a follow-up from an earlier announcement but in this case, they have added a clickable touch pad where the previous version did not.

It will also sport a metallic finish and according to Hori, the analog sticks on the controller will constantly apply pressure on the finger to help with more precise aiming, so as the name and description point out, this is a controller designed for FPS games in mind. Unfortunately it seems that its release will be limited to Japan, at least for now, and will be priced at around $37.

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