Zelda-wii-u-link-720According to Nintendo a few months ago, they stated that the upcoming Legend of Zelda would not be released in 2015. Its release date was later updated to read “TBD” which many gamers understandably worried. Not to mention there was no talk about the game at Nintendo’s E3 press conference this year, so what gives?

Now there are some gamers who were worried and speculated that the title might have been delayed so that the game could launch on the upcoming Nintendo NX console, but you can rest assured that will not be happening. Nintendo has since clarified that the game is still on its way and that it will be arriving on the Wii U, despite worries that suggest that it might not.

According to Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto who spoke through an interpreter, “We’re here to talk about Star Fox but Zelda is still coming to Wii U, so don’t worry about that.” Given that it will not be released this year, we suppose fans will probably have to wait until 2016 at the very earliest, but hopefully it won’t be delayed beyond that.

In the meantime Nintendo has taken the wraps off other Zelda-based titles designed for their 3DS handheld console. So, anyone else relieved that perhaps the Legend of Zelda for the Wii U will still be coming to the Wii U? Or would you have preferred to see what the game could be like on the Nintendo NX?

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