Rockstar confirmed today that one of the two big content updates for Grand Theft Auto Online is coming next week, and that it’s going to bring “ill-gotten gains.” Actually that’s what the update is called, “ill-gotten gains,” since it has to do with flashy cars, jets made out of solid gold and exotic vehicles. Players will even be able to purchase guns to go with that solid gold private jet.

So this is how the story goes, because of a surge in high-end crime throughout southern San Andreas the demand for luxury goods and services has skyrocketed. That’s why upscale merchants are rushing to fill inventories and serve the newly wealthy.

The first part of ill-gotten gains features luxury cars, high-end weaponry among other things. For example, there’s a new Enus Windsor vehicle with eight different wraps inspired by “the high-end designers of Rockford Hills.”

Then there’s the solid gold Buckingham Swift Deluxe helicopter that players will be able to get from Elitas, they can pair it up with the solid gold Buckingham Luxor Deluxe jet.

Also included in this update is a new Combat PDW weapon, the Albany Virgo classic car, the Pegassi Osiris exotic car and hundreds of new clothing items and accessories.

This update is going to be rolled out next week, Rockstar says that part two of ill-gotten gains will be released over the summer.

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