Rockstar released the Gunrunning Update for GTA Online a couple of weeks ago. The update brought new weapons, vehicles, and underground bunkers. The passionate modding community dug through the update to find if it was hiding something, they discovered code related to an alien UFO crashing outside the Zancudo military base in the game. Further digging led to the discovery of a secret alien mission in GTA Online.

GTA 5 modding and mystery hunting group Team Guru spent a lot of time digging through the update to come up with a way to activate the bids of code that hinted at this mission. They were eventually able to activate the code and have thus enabled this mission ahead of its proper release.

It will only be activated properly once a new GTA Online update is sent out. That’s also when Rockstar is going to officially detail this mission. However, the possibility exists that Rockstar might make some changes or additions to this event before properly launching it.

The mission itself tells players to proceed to a location from where they are told to steal supplies. There, they discover a large crashed UFO and then have to battle aliens for survival.

Rockstar hasn’t said anything about this new event just yet so we may have to wait a while before it follows through with official information.

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