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GTA Online Cheat Creator Has To Pay $150,000 In Damages
Cheaters are not really liked by game publishers and some of them will go to extreme lengths to put them in their place. Publishers will normally use lawsuits to take them down and the latest result in such a lawsuit sets a new precedent that’s good for the publishers. A GTA Online cheat creator has been ordered to pay $150,000 in damages after the lawsuit was decided against him.

GTA Online Secret Alien Mission Discovered By Players
Rockstar released the Gunrunning Update for GTA Online a couple of weeks ago. The update brought new weapons, vehicles, and underground bunkers. The passionate modding community dug through the update to find if it was hiding something, they discovered code related to an alien UFO crashing outside the Zancudo military base in the game. Further digging led to the discovery of a secret alien mission in GTA Online.

GTA Online Gunrunning DLC Release Date Is June 13th
It has been confirmed today when the next major GTA Online update is going to be released. The GTA Online Gunrunning DLC release date has been confirmed, it’s going to be out in a few days. It’s the big summer update for GTA Online this year and it will provide players will even more ways to expand their criminal empire in the fictional city of Los Santos.

GTA Online Tiny Racers Mode Live Now
Rockstar has released a new update for Grand Theft Auto 5 which brings the GTA Online Tiny Racers mode for the game’s online component. Tiny Racers is a modified version of stunt races in which the camera is placed overhead in a style that’s similar to GTA games of the past. The update is out now and live for all Grand Theft Auto 5 players.


GTA Online Gets Vehicle Vendetta Mode And A New Bike Today
Grand Theft Auto Online is receiving a new update today to kick off 2017 in style. The update brings the new Pegassi FCR 1000 bike as well as a new adversary mode for vehicular warfare called Vehicle Vendetta. This update brings new opportunities for bonus GTA$ as well. There’s also a fully-stocked list of New Year discounts and more.

GTA Online Gets Tron-Style Bike Battles
Rockstar today announced the latest GTA Online update which adds a new adversary mode called Deadline. The new mode puts up to four players against each other on a different colored Shotaro, which is a new Tron-style bike that’s also being added to the game in this update. The latest GTA Online update lets players turn the streets of Los Santos “into a stylish electronic videogame battle to the death.”

All GTA Online Players Will Get $250K In-Game Bonus
There’s some great news for GTA Online players. Rockstar is commemorating the third anniversary of Grand Theft Auto Online by giving away $250K in-game cash bonus to all players. GTA Online was launched a couple of weeks after GTA 5 was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2013. The game was later released for PS4 and Xbox One when the next-gen consoles arrived.

GTA Online: Bikers Update Available Now
Rockstar confirmed the next major Grand Theft Auto Online update a couple of weeks ago. The GTA Online: Bikers update allows players to create and lead their own Motorcycle Club which can host up to 8 people. This update adds an entirely different gameplay experience to GTA Online and those who have been waiting for it to arrive ever since it was officially announced will be happy to know that […]

GTA Online: Bikers Update Release Date Confirmed
About a week ago, Rockstar confirmed that it’s working on a new update for Grand Theft Auto Online. The GTA Online: Bikers update will enable players to form and lead their very own Motorcycle Club for up to 8 players. This new update is going to add a completely different gameplay experience to GTA Online and many players have anxiously been waiting for it to arrive. They will appreciate the […]

Upcoming GTA Online Update Will Let You Form Your Own Biker Gang
Regardless of what they stand for and what some of them do, we’re sure that most of us can appreciate the camaraderie that is displayed by biker gangs. Riding down the highway as a group, going cross country together, hanging out all day, sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? However if you don’t own a bike or don’t think you’d be accepted, not to worry.

GTA Online Gets New 'Entourage' Mode
A new update is out today for the online component of the popular Grand Theft Auto 5 game. It improves a feature that was added to GTA Online recently and also adds a new mode called “Entourage.” In this mode players are tasked with having to transport a high value target across the city to an extraction location. Naturally, the team on the opposite side is tasked with killing the […]

GTA Online Gets New Stunt Races
GTA Online players are quite imaginative when it comes to playing out stunts in the game so Rockstar thought it would be a good idea to give them crazy stunt races to play. It has released a free update called Cunning Stunts which brings 16 new stunt races to the game. This update is going to change the racing style that players are currently accustomed to.

GTA Online Update Brings New Sports Car, Double PR And Cash
A surprise update has been released today for Grand Theft Auto Online, the online component to the popular GTA 5 game. It brings a brand new sports car that’s now available for purchase as well as a new round of missions that offer double PR and cash. It has also been revealed that starting this weekend, the GTA Online Independence Day content will be available once again until July 11th, […]

Biggest GTA Online Expansion Available Now
There’s good news for GTA Online fans. You might have heard by now that Rockstar has been readying the biggest content expansion ever for the online component of Grand Theft Auto 5, and you will be delighted to hear that this DLC titled Further Adventures In Finance And Felony has now been released. It’s available to players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC right away. The DLC enables players […]