In terms of Nexus devices released to date, it has become the consensus that out of all of them, the Nexus 5 is probably the crowning achievement to date. Granted it isn’t as powerful as the Nexus 6, but its specs and its design makes for a very sleek handset, plus at the time it launched it was considered pretty powerful, putting its mediocre camera aside.

That being said it seems that Google thinks so too because over at Mountain View, the company is apparently still using the Nexus 5 for testing purposes. In fact during a recent video in which Google talks about its new security features of Android M, they revealed that they had a modified Nexus 5 handset with a fingerprint sensor built into it.

Safe to say that this handset is definitely not for sale and it is merely a testing device, but at the same time we have to marvel at the idea of a Nexus 5 handset with such a feature. Imagine if Google were to release another Nexus with the same design but with updated specs and a fingerprint sensor, how awesome would that be?

In any case if the rumors are to be believed, LG has been tapped again for one the Nexus handsets that Google plans on releasing this year. There will apparently be two with one of them being built by Huawei, or so they say. Perhaps we will see fingerprint sensors embedded in those handsets, wouldn’t that be nice?

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