oboxWhile the established order of home consoles happen to be in the form of the Sony PS4, the Xbox One and the Nintendo Wii U, do not forget that there are also other players out there in the market, such as NVIDIA and Ouya. Well, Snail Games has decided to throw their hat into the ring as well, with a spanking new Android-based game console that they haved called OBox (or “online box” in full), which was also paraded at CES earlier this year.

Being different from other consoles that are based on the Android platform, the OBox was not designed for streaming, as it does allow players to download games to the hardware instead. It will also be able to output games in 4K resolution, and comes with an “air mouse” that has been integrated within its controller, making it resemble something that hails from Microsoft’s labs.

Snail Games also made the OBox to be upgradeable, which is fine and dandy, since it allows you to keep up with the times rather than picking up an entirely new device again. Hence, if one would like to swap out their processor, they can do so – at a far more affordable cost compared to purchasing a new console.

Snail Games is currently in discussion with developers and publishers in order to come up with a strong catalogue, and while the US market is being targeted, Snail Games has acknowledged that they are the underdogs here.

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