OBox Console From China Could Make Its Way Stateside

While the established order of home consoles happen to be in the form of the Sony PS4, the Xbox One and the Nintendo Wii U, do not forget that there are also other players out there in the market, such as NVIDIA and Ouya. Well, Snail Games has decided to throw their hat into the ring as well, with a spanking new Android-based game console that they haved called OBox […]

SYBER Vapor Extreme Console Features New GeForce GTX 980 Graphics Card

We all know that NVIDIA made waves yesterday with their spanking new GeForce GTX980 graphics card, and here we are with SYBER being first off the blocks to deliver the Vapor Xtreme gaming console. SYBER is a division of custom computer manufacturer CYBERPOWERPC, and their Vapor Xtreme gaming console will be dead fast – thanks to the all-new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 graphics card. In fact, by virtue of having […]

EmoSPARK Home Console Has Own AI

Technology has bridged the gap of communications between humans over the years, but this does not mean that there is no longer any more room for improvement. No sir, apparently the folks over at Emoshape are looking to introduce their EmoSPARK A.I. home console elsewhere in the world – across the Atlantic in particular, after having established an online presence with more than 50% of its IndieGoGo campaign investors being […]

RetroN 5 Console Set For December 10 Release Date

Those of us who grew up on a steady diet of video games from the 8-bit as well as 16-bit era would be able to remember how our imagination played a far larger role in making the digital world come alive. Sure, the graphics back then were blocky and at times, choppy, but those were the defining moments in your life that got you hooked to video games, so much […]


Bigben Is No Tourist Attraction, But An Android-Powered Portable Gaming Console

Bigben is one of the more obscure companies that I have heard of, as I would have associated it with the famous landmark over in London instead. Regardless, Bigben of France must have taken a good and close look over at the Wikipad, where that particular gaming tablet actually shaped this device that was specially designed for gaming. What makes Bigben’s offerings different from most of the crowd would be […]

NVIDIA Shield Delayed Due To “Mechanical Issue”

NVIDIA has just announced that it will delay the shipment of its SHIELD Android game console to “July” (from June 27) as it has found a mechanical issue in (what is probably) the first batch of product. According to NVIDIA, a “3rd party” component is the root cause. We don’t know anything about the severity of the problem but since NVIDIA builds all the critical components, it can’t be that […]

Ouya Underperforms Current Generation Of Android Phones In Benchmark Tests

The gaming community seems to be exceptionally excited about the upcoming released of the Android-powered video game console, Ouya. We recently heard the Ouya will be supporting older console emulators and is excepted to be made available on June 4, but we have yet to hear just how powerful the Tegra 3 powered console will be. As you could have guessed from the ever-changing smartphone market, the Ouya’s Tegra 3 underperforms current […]

Valve’s ‘Piston’ Steam Box Console Available For Pre-Order Starting At $999

It was at this year’s CES when we officially got to see Valve’s long-rumored Steam Box, which Valve teamed up with Xi3 in order to make it into an actual retail product. It’s only been two months since the Piston PC debuted at CES, and already its manufacturer Xi3 has started taking pre-orders for the device. Xi3’s Piston Console, which is what the company is officially calling it, will probably […]

Droid X360 User Review (PS Vita Clone)

  You may remember the Droid X360, a mobile gaming console that is a PS Vita clone that runs on Android. We had published about it, and shown a video demo. Well, one of our readers (Kirk S.) got his hands on one and has decided to review it in the video below.  The review is full of interesting details that you definitely want if you are even remotely considering […]

MountMe X-Me keeps your consoles in place

MountMe – the company behind the versatile Freedom and Freedom II cases for iPad tablets has decided to take its expertise and experience in mounting tablets over to the console market. It has just announced the launch of the X-Me – a mounting system that lets you mount your video game console anywhere; be it your bedroom wall or the back seat of your car, the X-Me is touted to […]

Nintendo 3DS Sales Stopped at Amazon, Now Back

Amazon has stopped the sales of the Nintendo 3DS portable console earlier today, but right now, customers are able to add it to their cart, and check out, so it seems that the item is back on track. The original message from Amazon did not offer much insight on the problem: “It is not currently offered by Amazon.com because customers have told us that there may be something wrong with […]

EVO 2 console to deliver Android games in your living room

Envizions has just announced that they will be offering a brand new console for the masses later this year in the form of the EVO 2. Announced earlier this year, the console will arrive in the US later this fall, and just to make sure that you do not think of it as being vaporware, Envizions will be releasing the EVO 2 to developers later today for “free” – but […]

Nintendo 3DS Region Lock: Confirmed

Console and DVD users are very familiar with the region-lock concept: companies divide the world into sub-regions, and make sure that content bought in one region only works there. There are many reasons, but it mainly has to do with price control. This allows the company to sale games for a higher price in countries where the market can afford it, and lower the price in places where the market […]

Portable NES Console lets you play Zelda on the go

If you’re too retro for playing old school games on a modern gaming console like the PSP or your cellphone, this portable NES console mod is just for you. A modder named Doug recently finished creating his own portable NES console, and it looks fantastic. Good thing for us, he detailed the whole process from the start to finish, so if you’re interested in building yourself a portable NES, you […]