one2touch-flipcoverIt makes sense for users to buy keyboard covers for tablets, but for smartphones? That just seems like unnecessary bulk, right? Well we suppose there are some who might argue that such keyboards are handy and if you like the idea of an external smartphone keyboard, perhaps the one2TOUCH Flipcover keyboard might be of interest to you.

The folks at Geeky have recently managed to get a hands-on with the device during CE Week in New York and one of the cool features of the one2TOUCH Flipcover is the fact that you will never have to recharge it. How does that work, you ask? First of all, the keyboard pairs with smartphones using NFC.

Through the NFC connection, it will be able to draw ambient power thus powering itself and ensuring that users will never need to recharge it ever. This is incredibly handy as it also means the keyboard can remain thin as it does not need to pack a huge battery in it to keep itself going, and from what we can tell of its design, it looks pretty good.

There is a downside, of course, which is that not all phones have NFC meaning that it won’t be as widely compatible as a Bluetooth keyboard. The other bad news is that one2TOUCH Flipcover has yet to be released in the market as apparently they are still working out a distribution deal, but is this a keyboard you would consider for your smartphone in the future?

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