samsung-nfc-printerSamsung of South Korea has certainly come up with its fair amount of consumer electronics devices in the past, and they certainly do not look as though they are about to stop. Samsung is right now taking the lead in the mobile printing market, and they are also a leader in the realm of NFC technology where printing is concerned, resulting in a simpler mobile printing solution. In other words, as long as your NFC-compatible device remains close to your printer, you can then print stuff out – sans a computer, of course.

Basically, mobile printing with NFC technology will function in an extremely straightforward manner. To activate such a method, all that you need to do is to tap the NFC icon on your device, before you place your handset close to a printer for NFC tagging, where you then pick out a document or image, before going ahead with printing your document or image. It will function in the same manner as that of any NFC-enabled printer, and images are also be able to be uploaded to cloud storage through the use of an NFC-enabled scanner.

The first half of this year saw Samsung roll out Samsung Cloud Print Public and Samsung Cloud Print Enterprise, and the South Korean conglomerate intends to launch the NFC-Pro next year, as it supports simple, tag-based user identification, doubling up as a security solution. [Press Release]

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