oneplus two teaserOnePlus has been steadily teasing us with snippets of information of its upcoming handset, the OnePlus Two, and come 25th of June which is tomorrow, the company has promised to share additional information about their handset. This will fill another missing piece in the puzzle which right now is pretty much anyone’s guess.

According to OnePlus, the piecemeal reveal has served them well in terms of gathering feedback. “When we announced USB Type-C for the OnePlus 2 yesterday, we received amazing feedback focused specifically on that decision. When you reveal devices and all related specs in one big announcement, you get a lot of general feedback that isn’t as clear. It’s not as valuable.”

We suppose that makes sense and if OnePlus feels that it’s more helpful rather than a general announcement (which we’re sure will still be coming at the end), then good for them! So far what we know about the device so far is that it will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and the USB Type-C connectivity standard.

As to when everything will be fully revealed, that still remains unknown but some are speculating that we might have to wait until July/August for the final reveal, but in the meantime be sure to check back with us tomorrow to see what other tidbit OnePlus has for us!

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