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OnePlus Teases Another OnePlus Two Reveal For Tomorrow
OnePlus has been steadily teasing us with snippets of information of its upcoming handset, the OnePlus Two, and come 25th of June which is tomorrow, the company has promised to share additional information about their handset. This will fill another missing piece in the puzzle which right now is pretty much anyone’s guess.According to OnePlus, the piecemeal reveal has served them well in terms of gathering feedback. “When we announced […]

Possible OnePlus Two’s USB Type-C Cable Leaked
It has been confirmed earlier this week by OnePlus themselves that their next-gen smartphone, the OnePlus Two, will feature USB Type-C connectivity, essentially making it one of the first few phones in the world to adopt the standard. However we’re sure that fans of the company are probably curious as to what the phone looks like and while photos have yet to surface, this might be the next best thing.According […]

OnePlus Two Features Rumored
OnePlus wants to significantly increase its handset sales this year and it expects to do that with its next flagship device. The OnePlus Two is expected to be released later this year and already we’re hearing rumors about the device. A new report claims to offer some information about OnePlus Two features, the device is likely to have a premium build and a fingerprint sensor, things that have become staple […]

OnePlus Two And Cheaper OnePlus Pegged For Q3 2015
With the success OnePlus has had with the OnePlus One, safe to say that many are looking forward to seeing what the company can come up with for the OnePlus Two. A previous rumor had suggested that it might be launched very late in 2015 or possibly in 2016 due to a delay, but there’s a chance the rumors could be false.According to a video report from Bloomberg, reporter Rosalind […]


OnePlus Two’s Launch Potentially Delayed [Rumor]
If our previous timeline was correct, the OnePlus Two is expected to be launched by September later this year. This was initially promised by the company’s CEO who said that the handset would be launched in 6 months and at that time of announcement, it was made in March. However it seems that there is a chance the handset could have been delayed.According to the latest reports, it seems that […]

Rumored OnePlus Two Specs Include Laser Focus Fingerprint Tech
The OnePlus Two is a handset that many users are looking forward to, and thanks to a new report additional specifications of the handset has surfaced. According to the new rumors, word on the street has it that the OnePlus Two could come with what they are calling a “laser focus” fingerprint technology.It is unclear as to what this means but basically fingerprint scanning technology could be embedded in the […]

OnePlus Confirms Availability Of Two”'In 6 Months”
No doubt that the OnePlus One has managed to make its way onto the lists of many when it comes down to being one of the best devices of last year, and we do know that there has been plenty of whispers going around concerning a possible successor. In fact, the rumors have started to gain more and more traction, where it looks as though the successor will arrive with […]

OnePlus Two Could Arrive With A Metal Design
If there was a smartphone that can be said to be a pleasant surprise to many people in 2014, perhaps the OnePlus One should be nominated as one of the candidates, especially when it arrived with such an exceptional price point after taking into consideration all of the hardware that was thrown into the mix. Oh yeah, when one also weighs the fact that there is an option to have […]

OnePlus Two Specifications Rumored Again
We are barely a month into the new year and already rumors are circulating about the devices that we’ll get to see in 2015. OnePlus was the surprising breakout star of 2014. Last year it launched its first smartphone ever, the OnePlus One, which the company touted as the “flagship killer.” For the specs that it offered the price was very competitive which is one of the reason why people […]

OnePlus Two Will 'Surprise People'
OnePlus emerged on the scene in December 2013 and within a few months launched its first smartphone known as OnePlus One. It was hard to purchase one because the company was trying different ways of managing inventory and only allowed invite-holders to purchase one. Towards the end of last year we saw the company open up its order process considerably. Now that time is ripe for a second generation smartphone […]