gs-tab-eIt looks like Samsung is far from finished where their tablet range is concerned, and are set to expand their tablet collection with yet another model – where this time around, we could be looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab E. After all, the June issue of Taiwan Mobile actually listed such a device, where it is also touted to come with the model number SM-T560.

This means that the spotted Samsung Galaxy Tab E would jive with several User Agent profiles that have been discovered on Samsung’s websites, although the hardware specifications do seem to differ. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab E is touted to come with a 9.6″ display at 1,280 x 768px resolution in a 15:9 aspect ratio, which would make it superior to the 9.7″ version of the Galaxy Tab A. Underneath the hood lies a 1.3GHz processor with a very high chance of Android 5.0 Lollipop accompanying it at launch.

Other hardware specifications point to a 5MP camera located behind, while the UA profiles do happen to list the SM-T560 as well as the T561, with the listed price standing at approximately $22, which would most likely be a monthly installment figure. All in all, if it were to be sold as an unlocked device, it should not burn too large a hole in one’s pockets, either.

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