iris scanningFingerprint scanning technology on smartphones has become more mainstream in the past couple of years, namely thanks to the iPhone 5s which introduced Touch ID to the iPhone and subsequent iOS devices. However could it be that fingerprint scanning tech is headed out of the door in favor of iris scanning?

According to the latest rumors from South Korea, word on the street has it that both Samsung and LG’s 2016’s flagship smartphones are expected to pack iris scanning technology under the hood which will be used as an authentication system. We have heard of this possibility before and now we are hearing it again, suggesting that perhaps there might be some shred of truth to these claims.

It is unclear at the moment as to how effective and efficient iris scanning technology is in smartphones. At the moment and to our knowledge, only the Vivo X5 Pro and the Fujitsu Arrows NX F-04G in Japan are the only smartphones that use the technology. One of the reasons why fingerprint scanning caught on was because unlike older tech, Apple’s solution was much faster, slightly edging out typing in your passcode in terms of speed.

What this means is that unless iris scanning on smartphones were to be just as fast if not faster than fingerprint scanning tech is these days, it seems unlikely that it will catch on despite it reportedly being more accurate. There is also a slight inconvenience in having to constantly lift it to your eye, but what say you? Do you think that iris scanning is the future of smartphone security?

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