Nintendo has not yet officially confirmed if it has any plans of releasing the smaller New 3DS lineup of handheld consoles even though there has been quite a lot of demand for them in this region. Though according to a new report a company executive might have hinted about the possibility of the New 3DS being released in North America at some point in the future.


Speaking with Kotaku, Nintendo America president Reggie Fils-Aime didn’t really confirm if the smaller New 3DS will be coming to North America, adding that the company has nothing to announce at this point in time.

However Fils-Aime did say that Nintendo has taken note of the consumers that have expressed desire for the base model, but that’s really not a hint that the company will release what consumers have been waiting for.

Fils-Aime did say though that while he couldn’t make any promises yet, he suggests that consumers stay tuned “and maybe some special SKUs might show up,” SKUs basically mean models.

Now that’s a strong hint, even if it’s short on details, it can be taken as a hint that the New 3DS models could at some point be released in North America. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed until that happens.

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