Fans of the Star Fox franchise over on Nintendo would definitely experience goosebumps whenever they hear the classic “Do a barrel roll!” phrase being blurted out. I suppose that is somewhat akin to those “For Aiur!” declarations when one plays the Protoss in Starcraft, or “Finish him!” whenever you are about to deliver the coup de grace on your beaten opponent in Mortal Kombat. Back to the story at hand – Star Fox Zero has been officially unveiled by the folks over at Nintendo, and this time around, the entire Star Fox crew would be showing off their daredevil piloting skills on the Wii U platform.


It must be said that there has been expectations for a Star Fox game on the latest Nintendo console, but I guess the Japanese gaming firm caught many people off guard by unveiling it so early. Ah well, nothing to cry about actually, since the sooner the better, and we have been treated to a release time of somewhere in this year’s holiday season.

It will be close to a quarter of a century since the first “Star Fox” was introduced to the masses in 1993 on the Super Nintendo, Vector 7 graphics and all. The latest version will see gamers transform their flying Arwing fighter into a walking mech, as well as to take aim at your targets using the cockpit view on the GamePad controller’s screen, now how about that for innovation?

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