If recent reports are to be believed then for the first time in many years 2K Sports is going to bring back college basketball teams to its video game, 2K has reportedly signed licensing deals with ten schools and is planning to add those teams to an upcoming title. The last college football title was supposed to be out in 2014 but it was cancelled by EA due to a lawsuit over the use of player likenesses following which the NCAA pulled its licensing deal.

The new title will be well received by people who have been waiting for one, it has been several years since a college football title was released and with consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the market right now the experience may very well be better than it has ever been.

According to SB Nation 2K has licensing deals in place with some of the biggest names in college football including UCLA, Arizona, Kansas, Michigan and Louisville.

It’s not known at this point in time whether 2K Sports will release a standalone title for college football or it’s going to make those teams playable in NBA 2K16 that’s due to be released in September this year. Perhaps it might add college teams to the title as a DLC after the launch.

The possibility exists that in order to avoid any legal issues 2K might only use school names, uniforms and logos while keeping players generic, gamers may be able to create their own players if they want to use the existing rosters.

2K has not yet commented on this report.

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