prime_day_dealsYesterday Amazon launched their own version of Black Friday called Prime Day. Basically the idea was to celebrate the company turning 20 and Amazon promised that customers would be greeted with sales that would rival those found on Black Friday, and while to a certain extent that was true, many customers have instead been rather upset with the items that were being sold.

Generally on Black Friday a lot of customers tend to go for electronics which are priced higher on normal days, but on Black Friday, items such as TVs, computers, consoles, and etc. are much cheaper. However in Amazon’s case, it seems that many customers felt that the company was simply trying to unload as much junk as they could onto them under the disguise of sales.

According some postings, it seems that Amazon reckons that a 55-gallon bottle of lube is considered a “best deal” at $1,000. Other items that were on sale include food items such as Pop-Tarts. Amazon even put items such as CD-Rs on sale, a bit odd considering that at the very least, most users would have turned to DVDs.

While we suppose there are customers who might have appreciated the sales, the general impression was that it was disappointing. Especially when you consider that it was only open to Prime members who have to pay $99 a year. In any case what did you guys think? Was the sale beneficial to you? Or were you just as disappointed as everyone else?

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