appletestedcasesApple has a few cases made by the Cupertino company for its iOS devices, however for the most part the company largely relies on third-party manufacturers to create accessories for its products. However we’re sure some of you might be wondering if a particular product is good or not, and that’s what reviews are for.

However perhaps in a bid to further reassure customers, Apple has launched a new page on its online store called “Tested cases”. As the name implies, this is a dedicated page on Apple’s website in which the Cupertino company themselves has mentions how they go about testing accessories that boasts the Made for iPhone/iPad certification.

According to the page, “We analyze how a case fits, so you can still access every button, port, and jack. And a series of drop tests tells us the design is strong enough for day-to-day use.” Like we said this is probably done to reassure customers that buying an official MFi accessory is a better idea than a non-certified accessory and might be worth the slight premium on its price.

While this testing isn’t new, it makes it more obvious for customers who are wondering why they should spend the money on these accessories. In the meantime we have also heard that Apple is planning on repackaging third-party accessories in its store to make it look more inline with its design.

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