It was just last month that Bethesda took the wraps off Fallout 4. This is a game many gamers have been looking forward to, but in case you missed the announcement, you’re in luck because a new video published by Bethesda has made its way online, giving players a look at the gameplay they can expect in the upcoming  game.


Now it should be noted that the video is based on gameplay that Bethesda actually showed off during E3 2015 last month, but like we said if you missed the presentation, this is one way you can check it out. Alternatively if you didn’t appreciate the background noise or commentary made during the presentation, this should do the trick as well.

According to Bethesda’s description of the gameplay video, “Shown at the Xbox E3 Briefing, see early exploration outside of Vault 111 – including introductions to characters like Codsworth, Preston Garvey, and Dogmeat. Additionally, see V.A.T.S. gameplay in action, how Power Armor changes your experience, and much more.”

For a 5 minute video it is certainly detailed and does a good job at increasing the hype over the game. We still have some months to go before Fallout 4 is released, which is on the 10th of November 2015, so in the meantime hopefully this video will be able to whet your appetite.

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